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Armrest is produced from high quality materials. It is possible to turn up armrest vertical (90˚) with constructional blockade of maximum bend. Upper part is covered with eco-leather.

Information about lack of function (putting armrest vertical 90˚) is in description of brand.

Armrest is opened. Practical storage inside, covered with flock. Presents smartly and aesthetical.

Our armrests are dedicated to individual type of car. Setting-up adapters, different width, high and length of armrest body, give product ideal introduced to space between seats.

Size of basic armrest

● Length depends on model of car from 30 to 32cm
● High depends on setting-up adapter. Without setting-up adapter about 12cm + leather roof 3cm
● Width is conformed individual, from 10cm to 20cm

Fitting instruction, screws and screw caps inside.

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opened armrest
Basic armrest
interior covered with flock
durable eco-leather cover
turn up (90˚)
smart appearance


Installation of the armrest

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